Hello everyone

My passion: to travel the mountain wherever it may be and more particularly the Pyrenees: Outdoor activities such as climbing, canyoning and via ferrata.  I propose to you the discovery of these sensations in the valleys Luchonnaises in the heart of the Pyrenees.

My profile:

  • Climbing instructor state diploma
  • Canyon guide state diploma
  • Head of mountain rescue unit, summer and winter
  • Second-level first aider
  • Avalanche dog handler
  • Artificial avalanche trigger
  • Meteorological observer
  • Lifeguard

Website : natureverticale.com


Canyoning is a wilderness activity. It consists in progressing in the bed of streams, in sections of narrow gorges or ravines and with waterfalls.  It is carried out on foot, by swimming or using the techniques of progression overcord.  It is compulsory to know how to swim.

Via ferrata

The via ferrata is a sporting itinerary, located in a rock face, equipped with specific equipment   ( ropes, ladders , ramps, monkey bridges, zip lines…) mark the route to facilitate the progression and optimize the safety of the people who use it. Walking through a via ferrata is an intermediate activity between hiking and climbing or a vertical hike.


Climbing is a sport of reaching the top of a structure, natural or artificial, called a track with or without the help of equipment. The climber’s playground ranges from low-rise blocks to walls of several hundred meters. It is practiced with equipment allowing you to evolve in safety.  Discovering a vertical and aerial sport a game of equilibrium with the rock a challenge to gravity for the pleasure for oneself. Stages of canyoning, climbing and via ferrata on request all year round in France or abroad and at any level to progress and learn.  Please tell me about your projects.


Canyoning: 55 euro per person or Group of 5 to 8 people maximum 50 euro per person

Via Ferrata: ½ day: 40 euro or a group of 5 to 8 people maximum 35 euro per person

Climbing initiation: 2hrs: 25 euro per person or a group of 5 to 8 maximum 20 euro per person

Recreation: ½ day 35 euro per person or a group of 5 to 8 maximum 30 euro per person