Christian Lafont

A native of Luchon and passionate of cycling and the mountains

World champion (master) CLM firefighter in 2014 in Chinon

Champion of France (master) CLM firefighter in 2014 in Chinon


I cycle, VVT, ski touring, cross-country skiing, running and trail running.

I organized and participated in a mountain bike ride from Luchon via Dakar Spain, Morocco, Algeria, Niger, Mali and Senegal with the Daniel Ballavoine foundation.

I ran the Grand Raid (Diagonale de Fous) 1999.

I still participate in regional cycle races ( category 3 – UFOLEP )

I regularly practice mountaineering and ski touring.


My wish: Is to share with you my pleasure of exploring the beautiful roads and landscapes of the Pyrenees, French and Spanish.

And from our excursions you will benefit from vehicle assistance and transfers.